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At Harold & Steve Goodman Trucking & Excavating, Inc. in Lincoln, IL, we specialize in providing exceptional excavating services that are useful and beneficial for a wide range of projects. Excavating plays a vital role in various industries, including construction, landscaping, and infrastructure development. With our team of skilled professionals and advanced machinery, we offer unparalleled expertise in excavation. One of the key benefits of excavating is its ability to create a solid foundation for construction projects, ensuring stability and longevity. Whether it’s digging trenches, grading land, or clearing debris, our precise and efficient excavating services lay the groundwork for successful and safe construction. Excavation also enables the installation of underground utilities such as water lines, sewer systems, and electrical conduits, allowing cities and communities to function effectively.

You can trust in our commitment to quality, safety, and timely project completion. Call us today at 217.732.8683 and experience the advantages of our excavating services.

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Water Work

At Harold & Steve Goodman Trucking & Excavating, Inc., we offer a wide range of water work services designed to address various needs related to ponds and lakes, ditches and trenches, and levees. Our expertise in water work allows us to efficiently and effectively handle any project to meet the specific requirements of our clients. When it comes to ponds and lakes, we specialize in excavation and construction, creating or expanding these water bodies for various purposes such as irrigation, recreation, or stormwater management. Our team ensures proper grading, shaping, and lining to ensure the integrity and functionality of the pond or lake. In terms of ditches and trenches, we provide excavation services to create or maintain drainage systems, ensuring efficient water flow and preventing flooding. Our team carefully designs and constructs these ditches and trenches. Additionally, we offer services constructing and reinforcing levees, which are crucial for flood control and protecting low-lying areas. Our team ensures the proper design, construction, and maintenance of levees to ensure their reliability and safety. We provide high-quality solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients and ensure effective water management.

Dirt Work

Harold & Steve Goodman Trucking & Excavating, Inc. specializes in a wide range of dirt work services, catering to diverse needs for both residential and commercial projects. We excel in gravel driveways and roads, providing expert grading and compacting services to ensure a durable and smooth surface. When it comes to basement excavation, our skilled team efficiently excavates the area, preparing it for construction. We also handle footings and foundations, ensuring the stability and integrity of your structures. Building demolitions are executed with precision and safety measures in place, allowing for efficient and controlled removal of structures. Our expertise extends to road culverts, where we install and maintain drainage systems, promoting efficient water flow. Additionally, we offer tree removal services, clearing the way for construction or landscaping projects. Livestock fence row clearing is another area of expertise, allowing for efficient boundary establishment. Lastly, we provide seeding services in both spring and fall, ensuring healthy and vibrant growth. With our dirt work services, we combine advanced machinery, skilled professionals, and meticulous attention to detail to deliver exceptional results.

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Additional Services

Harold & Steve Goodman Trucking & Excavating, Inc. offers a range of versatile dirt work services in Lincoln, IL. With our dirt work services, you can expect reliable equipment, skilled operators, and attention to detail to deliver quality results.

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Backhoe Trenching

With our backhoe trenching service, we efficiently dig precise and accurate trenches for various purposes, such as installing utilities, drainage systems, or underground lines. Our experienced operators ensure precise digging while maintaining safety standards.

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Snow Plowing

When winter arrives, our snow plowing service becomes invaluable. We utilize our fleet of snowplows and skilled operators to clear snow from roads, parking lots, and driveways, ensuring safe and accessible pathways for both residential & commercial properties.

Bobcat services lincoln il

Bobcat Service

Our bobcat service is ideal for when you are in need of assistance with small-scale projects that require maneuverability and versatility. Our skilled operators handle bobcat tasks such as grading, landscaping, and material handling with precision & efficiency.